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Taunton PAT Testing is a professional, reliable and affordable service to businesses in and around Somerset’s county town. You can contact us on THIS page.

Taunton Pat Testing
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All workplaces have electrical appliances, so when was the last time you had yours tested? Call on the specialists at Taunton PAT Testing who will carry out the required checks for your complete peace of mind in keeping your employee’s safe and staying compliant. 


Although a good initial level of safety can be achieved by correct selection and use of equipment and its connectors and cables, lasting safety can only be attained by ongoing and effective maintenance.

Effective maintenance of portable electric equipment can be achieved by a
combination of: 

  • Checks by the user
  • Formal visual inspections by a competent person
  • Where necessary a combined inspection and test, also known as a portable appliance test (PAT), by an electrically competent person. 

The aim of these checks is to determine whether the equipment is fully serviceable
or whether remedial action is necessary to make sure it is safe to use. 

Taunton PAT Testing

Book your PAT Testing now: 07870 677370